Juicing is a way to reboot and restore your energy. It will flood your body with all the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes it needs, allowing your body to rebuilt, renew and heal naturally.

It is juice that is extracted from RAW vegetables and fruits, there is no added preservatives, refined sugars or colorants. Its is 100% RAW – NO ADDED ANYTHING! The way nature intended it.

This question may sound a bit out of context but we do get asked. The answer is very simple. The best way to consume is by eating them raw. Some vegetables are best when steamed. However, if you are too busy to chew them raw then the next best way is to juice them. No time to juice yourself, we have got you sorted.

We believe in supporting your own economy to build a stronger community. That’s why we buy all of our ingredients, weather permitting, from local farmers and retailers.

Absolutely not! Our juice is made from 100% fresh fruits and vegetables.

No way! Our delicious juice is created with only raw fruits and vegetables, benefiting from their natural flavours and sugars.

Should your HeartBeet products not arrive fresh and sealed. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee or will replace the Box ordered that was not to our standards or your expectation. Due to the nature of our products orders can not be returned.


Your order will be delivered in a chilled, insulated box within 2-5 business days. Delivery time depends on location, transport delays, and weather. Please note, we do not ship on Saturday, or Sunday.

Gift Vouchers will not expire and can be redeemed at any moment.


The sole purpose of juicing is not only to lose weight. It is a supplement for a healthy lifestyle and setting you on the right path for overall wellness while maintaining a healthy weight. Detoxing will assist you in losing those stubborn kilograms you gained over the holiday!

Yay, we are so excited to start this wonderful Heartbeet journey with you. Your juice box will arrive frozen to your doorstep. First things first, place all your juices and WAKEY WAKEY shots back into the freezer to keep it frozen. The night before your first DETOX day, remove your 4 daily juices and your one WAKEY WAKEY shot and let it defrost in your fridge, and repeat every night. Always keep it cool/refrigerated during the day. When a juice is defrosted it will only stay fresh for 3 days, because there are no added preservatives, and all the nutrients and enzymes are alive.  It kept frozen it can last up to 2 months. Good luck!

Unfortunately, with detoxing comes detox symptoms. The severity of symptoms depends on the amount of toxins in your body and your eating habits! Your body is in shock from all the nutrients you have been pumping into it the last 2 days, now the withdrawal symptoms flare up, remember you used to fill it with sugars, processed foods and caffeine. No need to worry, it only lasts the first 2 or 3 days. Common symptoms include fatigue, headaches and potential mood swings. This is a good thing- it’s a sign that your body is cleansing. Ways to reduce detox reactions: Listen to your body, drink extra water to help flush out the toxins, try to get in your 8 hours of beauty sleep, take a long bath, or do some light exercising to keep your mind off it. The best way to combat symptoms is to change your eating habits a few days before you start your detox.

Exercising is always a good thing, but listen to your body. Light exercising with plenty of water, yoga or meditation will do wonders for your body and mind.

You might get hungry, however our juices contains more than enough nutrients to keep those hunger pains away! Absolutely everything your body needs in ONE bottle.

Try your best to give your digestive system a complete rest. But if you feel that you absolutely need to eat something- try a halve of an avocado, a banana or a few slices of cucumber.

We strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor or seek medical advice first.


Grab a cube or combination of cubes, and in a microwaveable bowl or plate, heat for one minute per cube. It is good to give it a stir to get rid of any hot spots. Dilute with some formula milk or previously boiled water (if necessary).As always, test the temperature before feeding your little one.

Keep the Heart Beet Petite pouches frozen at all times. Remove cube/cubes from the pouch when needed.  It is not recommended to refreeze and reheat once it was already prepared. Cubes can be kept frozen for 2 months.