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Guide To Glow

Why Detox? We all do our best to keep ourselves fit and healthy, but sometimes we just need to push that reset button. We passionately believe in the benefits of juice cleansing, and the impact it can have on your knowledge of, and attitude towards healthy eating. The simple philosophy behind a cleanse is to give your digestive system a break,...


Silicone Straws

These nifty straws all come in their own capsule, they are small and compact, and you can pop them in your handbag, schoolbag, gymbag, laptopbag, or attach them to your keys. No more soggy chewed up paper straws, our silicone straws are ideal for kids with soft gums.


Turnip The Beet

Purposeful cleansing is a way to reset (and heal) your mind and body. Whether you’re in need of a serious lifestyle change or looking to kick-start your weight loss regime, re-establishing your connection to food is the first step.