Beet The Competition Box


Research tells us that fruit and vegetables are important to maintain a healthy and strong lifestyle. Very essential, some people, especially athletes who need more fuel than the average person, struggle to meet the recommended daily servings. One way to consume multiple servings of fruit and vegetables in one glass is by juicing, so it’s no surprise athletes all over the world are incorporating it into their fitness routine. This box is filled with all the ingredients an athlete needs for energy, endurance, stamina, and recovery. It will keep your heart beating, your brain active, and your muscles working.

If you want to know how this detox works, scroll down to read the “HOW TO” below.





  • 15 Various Juices
  • 5 Wakey Wakey Anti-inflammatory Shots

So your Heartbeet box has just arrived at your doorstep..

First things first, put your cold pressed juice bottles in the freezer. Because our juices are PRESERVATIVE free- keep it frozen and enjoy it chilled.

When you start craving.. Remove your juices for the day, either the night before and let it defrost in the fridge, or on the day- and defrost it at room temperature. 

Don’t worry, juices that are DEFROSTED, have a shelve life of 5-7 days. Just keep them chilled at all times.

While you’re juicing,why not accompany your fresh and healthy juices with a healthy diet. 

This is the ultimate time to give your gut a break!